ECRI Microelectronics

DC-DC Converters for Marine System application

When reliability is critical, weapons manufacturers rely on ECRIM's DC-DC converters and EMI filters. Many of ERIM's products are on SMDs, providing you with proven solutions in a multitude of power levels that will satisfy the stringent criteria for your weapons program.
ECRIM offers a variety of off-the-shelf product grades to power your program:

The converters are packaged in hermetically sealed metal cases, making them ideal for use in aviation, aerospace and other high reliability applications. -55℃ to +125℃ operation temperature.

The temperature range of the Mil-COTS DC DC Converters is -55 degrees -105 degrees centigrade, and the reliability index is 5. The Mil-COTS DC DC Converters  can be applied to aerospace,( aerospace DC DC converters ) warships, weapons, electronics, railways, communications, medical electronics, industrial automation equipment and other military( Mil-STD DC DC Converters ) and electronic systems.

Synchro (also called synchronous machine) or rotary transformer (also called resolver) converter is the core device of servo system,SDC/RDC is widely used in radar, navigation and control of gun servo system, angle conversion between analog signal and digital signal, to meet the system angle to implement quantitative processing and control.