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Mil Grade Pulse Width Modulation Amplifier

Mil Grade Pulse Width Modulation Amplifiers

Application ofMil Grade Pulse Width Modulation Amplifiers:

l Aviation  system

l Aerospace system

l Weapons system

l Warships and Electronics devices

   The pulse width modulation amplifier is the execution component of the DC servo system - the motor motor drive circuit, which is uesd to receive the DC error signal fed back from the system and convert it into a widened square wave signal. That can make DC motor work in order to control closed loop of system speed and position.

    The advantages of high-power pulse width modulation amplifier are large output current (30A), high output voltage (500V), large output power, small size, light weight, high efficiency (97%), high reliability, convenient control (temperature control, current control),etc; With H-grade quality, the product can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, electronics and so on.

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