ECRI Microelectronics

Digital to Synchro Converters or Digital to Resolver Converters(DSC/DRC)

Application of Mil grade Digital to Synchro Converters or Digital to Resolver Converters(DSC/DRC):

· Military servo control system

· Antenna System

· Radar measurement system

· Navigation system

· Gun control system

· Machine control

The digital to synchro converters have unmatched reliability and high enough accuracy. The digital to resolver converters have an irreplaceable position in many applications, especially in military and aerospace, aviation, and navigation. The synchro to digital converters and resolver to digital converters are mostly used in flight instrument systems, military servo control systems, artillery control systems, avionics systems, radar control systems, ship navigation systems, angle measurement, antenna monitoring, robotics, computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, and other automated control systems.

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