ECRI Microelectronics

Synchro to Digital Converters or Resolver to Digital Converters (SDC/RDC)

1. Overview

As the requirements for automated control of weapon assembly systems increase, so does the functionality of its central computer. In order to realize the interface with the computer, and to complete the measurement and control of parameters such as position, displacement and angle, it is necessary to use a large number of Axial Angle Converters and the sensors and servo motors used therewith.

2. Main technical performance

The main technical performance of the shaft angle converter is resolution, conversion accuracy, tracking speed, excitation voltage, signal voltage, operating frequency, step response time, power consumption, and allowable phase shift. Conversion accuracy is the main technical indicator, and for single-speed shaft angle converters, the accuracy is ±5 ́.

Product number






Accuracy(´ )



Tracking speed / (r / s)



Signal voltage /v