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A thankful letter from Finisar

As the ECRIM’s 50th anniversary year coming soon, we received a thankful letter from Finisar, a global technology leader in optical communications. It is our great pleasure to work with Finisar. We hope our friendly relationship be everlasting forever.

February 13, 2108

Congratulations!  Happy 50th Anniversary!  Amazing!

We have a saying in the optical industry about Finisar, “It’s very hard to get in (to work with Finisar), it’s even harder to get out!”  Finisar began working with ECRIM in 2009, so nine years go by just like that.  And congratulations to ECRIM again, as ECRIM has won an award in “Special Recognition for Outstanding Effort” category in our 2017 Strategic Supplier Event in Shenzhen just a few months ago.  In our event we laid out our Winning at Light Speed strategic directions for Finisar’s Supply Chain.

ECRIM is strategic and critical to us supplying gold boxes and thin-film submounts which are deployed in our high speed transceivers today.  Our transceivers are installed worldwide in numerous data centers and telecommunication hubs.  Your product is being used daily by many citizens on earth as we are all using mobile devices and internet of things (IOT)!  I hope we will continue to expand our relationship and be able to use more ECRIM products and technologies in the future.

I look forward to work with ECRIM in many more years to come.  We will continue to develop state-of-the-art optical products together, stay competitive in both performance and pricing.  ECRIM is a winning partner to Finisar.  I thank you, and congratulations!


Best Regards,



Patrick Cheung

Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management

Finisar Corporation

ECRIM develops, manufactures and markets high reliable price competitive products for microelectronic industry. Its main products include hybrid integrated circuits modules (Reliability DC to DC converters& EMI Filters, synchro/resolver to digital converters, digital to synchro/resolver  converter, SDC, RDC, DRC, DSC, PWMA, pulse width modulation amplifier, etc), hermetically sealed metal packages, belt furnaces, LTCC/HTCC/AlN/Thick/thin-film OEM service. ECRIM provides satisfied service to global customers in North America, EU, Asia ,Australia. Its mission to be the leading role in the microelectronics & packaging industry. For more information , visit

19 Hehuan Road, Hefei Hi-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui,China 230088
Tel:+86-551-63667943    Fax:+86-551-65743191

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