ECRI Microelectronics

Quality Assurance

Mainly engaged in hybrid integrated circuit,modular integrated circuits and electronic components of screening,testing and evaluation,center under the climate and environment laboratory, mechanical should force  test room, components laboratory evaluation,product testing laboratory and DPA laboratory, with complete comprehensive environmental capacity test and measurement and analysis ability.With moisture content analysis system, X-ray inspection system,scanning electron microscope,spectrometer, infrared thermal imaging instrument, ESD and other various detection,testing equipment more than 200 units (sets) ,the climate environment test, mechanical test,electrical performance test,DPA analysis of various types of more than 60 kinds of experiment and test, all test conditions can meet the demand specification and standard of mil-std-883(GJB 548),mil-std-202 GJB360,mil-prf-38534 GJB2438 etc.