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Ceramic Element

Ceramic Element

1. Overview

Ceramic substrate (LTCC/HTCC) as the carrier is widely used in RF front-end chip filter, chip antenna, balun, power divider, coupler, duplexer, RFID and other multilayer ceramic elements, and RF power resistor as the representative of the thick film elements.

2. Product Features

It is beneficial to the miniaturization of the system, improving the assembly density of the circuit, and improving the reliability of the system.

3. Technical Index

Fully autonomous and controllable packages (1210,1206,0805,0603, etc.), filters and other passive devices and other multilayer ceramic components and thick film devices, special specifications and packaging requirements can be customized.

It can completely replace the similar products of Mini-Circuits and Murata Company to meet the requirements of miniaturization and passband consistency.

4. Typical Product

4.1 Multilayer ceramic elements for chip filters, chip antennas, baluns, splitters, couplers, diplexers, RFID etc.

4.2Thick film components represented by radio frequency power resistance.

Ceramic Element
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple SEE MeV· CM²/mg TID krad ( Si ) SDCRDC DSCDRC
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