ECRI Microelectronics

Thick film DC/DC circuit substrate

ECRIM precision thick film technology pushes thick film ceramics to a best-in-class position from which we can meet or exceed thin film tolerances, and at a far more affordable price point.

Theprocess can be combined with standard thick film technology to create highly integrated multi-layer circuits, offering a more cost-effective solution and improves overall substrate yield.

Ground plane metallization: Au, Pd/Au, Ag/Pd, Ag
Photo-imaged and etched conductors and RF circuits: Au
Dielectric and photo-imaged dielectric
Mixed-metal multi-layer circuits
Standard thick-film substrates: 96%, 99.5% and 99.6% alumina, aluminum nitride and BeO, quartz and fused silica, and ferrites.
Thick film DC/DC circuit substrate
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple SEE MeV· CM²/mg TID krad ( Si ) SDCRDC DSCDRC
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