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1. Features (for outside view, see Fig. 1) 
High differential capacitance detection accuracy

Good frequency-response characteristic 
Small temperature coefficient and small time drift coefficient 
Good consistency
Low noise 

2. Scope of application of HAS309

Measurement of acceleration and displacement in inertial guidance and inertial navigation system for aviation and aerospace; measurement of such physical quantity as swing, shock, inclination, etc. in civil measurement system.

3. Description of HAS309

HAS309 servo circuit for quartz flexible accelerator consists of triangular-wave generator, differential capacitance detector, integrator, preamplifier, transconductance/compensation amplifier and compensation network. It is combined with meter head of quartz flexible accelerator to constitute a complete close-loop system of force balanced type, and can accurately measure the change of acceleration and  displacement. The product is manufactured by the thick-film hybrid integration process, packaged with metal case and ceramic cover, the circuit is of circular structure to match the contour of the meter head.
Both the design and manufacture of the product satisfy the requirements of GJB2438-2002 “General Specification for Hybrid Integrated Circuits” and specific specifications of the product.

4. Electrical performance (Table 1 and 2) of HAS309

Table 1  Rated conditions and recommended operating conditions

Absolute max. rated value

Power voltage:±20V

Static powerdissipation: 600mA

Storage temperature: -55~125℃

Recommended operating conditions

Power voltage:±15±0.5V

Range of operating temperature

Grade H circuit: -55~125℃

Grade G circuit: -40~85℃

GradeDcircuit: 0~70℃

Servo circuit for quartz flexible accelerator (HAS309)Servo circuit for quartz flexible accelerator (HAS309)

Table 4  Description of package

Case model


Header plating


Covering plating


Pin plating

Sealing style










Note: temperature of the solder pins within 10s shall not exceed 300℃.

Servo circuit for quartz flexible accelerator (HAS309)
Application notes of HAS309
  • Upon power-on, be sure to correctly connect the positive and negative pole of the power supply to ensure correct power supply for fear of burning.
  • Upon assembly, the bottom of the product shall fit to the circuit board closely so as to avoid damage of pins, and shockproof provision shall be added, if necessary.
  • Do not bend the pinouts to prevent the insulator from breaking, which affects the sealing property.
  • The dynamic parameters of meter head produced by different users are different, the user is required to provide meter head by himself to achieve the optimum commissioning state.
  • When the user places an order for the product, detailed electric performance indexes shall refer to the relevant enterprise standard.
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