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HIF 10

1. Features (for outside view, see Fig. 1) 

The clock frequency can reach 256kHz 

Externally connected adjustable sampling resistance for constant current source
The range of power supply: ±12~±18V
Adjustable zero position

2. Scope of application of HIF 10

A/D conversion circuit in inertial navigation system

3. Description of HIF 10

HIF10 current/frequency converter is one of the kernel circuits of the inertial navigation system, which realizes A/D conversion function. Critical indexes such as nonlinear temperature drift and zero stability of this product can reach a higher level.
This product is made by the thick-film hybrid integrated process and is totally sealed in a metal case. Both the design and manufacture of the product satisfy the requirements of GJB2438A-2002 “General specification for hybrid integrated circuits” and specific specification of the product.

4. Electrical performance (Table 1 and 2) of HIF 10

Table 1  Rated conditions and recommended conditions

Absolute max. rated value

Power voltage: ±18V

Voltage of constant current source: 18V

Digital power voltage: 6V

Storage temperature: -55~125℃

Recommended operating conditions

Power voltage: ±15±0.05V

Voltage of constant current source: ±15±0.05V

Digital supply power voltage: 5±0.05V

Current/Frequency Converter (HIF 10)Current/Frequency Converter (HIF 10)
Table 4  Case materials

Case model


Header plating


Covering plating


Pin plating

Sealing style






Iron/ nickel alloy





Compression seal

Note: temperature of the solder pins within 10s shall not exceed 300℃.

Current/Frequency Converter (HIF 10)

Application notes of HIF 10

  • Upon power-on, be sure to correctly connect the positive and negative pole of the power supply to ensure correct power supply for fear of burning.
  • Upon assembly, the bottom of the product shall fit to the circuit board closely so as to avoid damage of pins, and shockproof provision shall be added, if necessary.
  • Do not bend the pinouts to prevent the insulator from breaking, which affects the sealing property.
  • The dynamic parameters of meter head produced by different users are different, the user is required to provide meter head by himself to achieve the optimum commissioning state.
  • When the user places an order for the product, detailed electric performance indexes shall refer to the relevant enterprise standard.
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