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1. Features (for outside view, see Fig. 1) 
Four channels, equipped with inhibit function 

6-bit 13-step digital control gain, 3 times/step 
Large range of digital control gain: ≥104dB
Low noise factor: ≤0.19 (pA•Hz-½)
Low crosstalk between channels: ≤-76.9dB
Small error of channel uniformity: ≤0.23%
Operating temperature: -55~85℃
Double-layer metal case with good electromagnetic screening

2. Scope of application of MPA1229

Amplification of infrared sensor signal; automatic gain control system; pre-amplification of digital control gain.

3. Description of MPA1229

The circuit of MPA1229 four-channel digital control gain pre-amplifier is designed according to the principle of digital gain control (DGC), it consists of four identical digital control pre-amplifier circuits.
This product is a digital control gain preamplifier matched and connected with the infrared seeker and is manufactured by the hybrid integration process, which makes use of the advantages of high accuracy, low noise, low temperature coefficient of thin-film resistance network and advantage of multilayer wiring of thick-film circuit. The product adopts double-layer metal case design, the outer layer case has good magnetic shielding characteristic, the inner layer case is totally airtight metal case, with stable circuit performance, small size and light weight, which can enhance the system reliability.
The circuit has certain generality and is suitable for matched connection with several types of infrared sensors and can also be applied in other infrared guidance system.

4. Electrical performance (Table 1, Table2) of MPA1229

Table 1  Rated conditions and recommended operating conditions

Absolute max. rated value

Power voltage:±18V

Input signal quantity (peak-peak value ):±15V

Storage temperature: -55~125℃

Recommended operating conditions

Power voltage:±14.5~±15.5V

Input signal quantity (peak-peak value ):±6V

Range of operating temperature (TA): -55℃~+85℃

Four-channel digital control gain pre-amplifier (MPA1229)Four-channel digital control gain pre-amplifier (MPA1229)Four-channel digital control gain pre-amplifier (MPA1229)

Application notes of MPA1229

  • The supply power voltage shall not be applied reversely for fear of damage of the product.
  • During the electrical performance test, the signal input cable shall be reliably shielded, and no long cable test line shall be led out from front stage output of CH1~CH4.
  • Upon assembly, the bottom of the product shall be closely fit to the circuit board and shockproof provision shall be added, if necessary.
  • When the user places an order for the product, detailed electric performance indexes shall refer to the relevant enterprise standard.
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