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Thick film Power resistor

1.What is a Thick Film Resistor?
    Thick film resistors are produced by applying a resistive film or paste, a mixture of glass and conductive materials, to a substrate. Thick film technology allows high resistance values to be printed on a cylindrical or flat substrate either covered entirely or in various patterns. They also can be printed in a serpentine design to eliminate inductance, which is preferred in applications with steady frequencies. Once applied, the resistance is adjusted using a laser or abrasive trimmer. 

2. Thick Film Construction
We offer  different series in Thick Film construction. Thick Film parts can be chosen based on mounting, application, and voltage range. They are easily integrated into a heatsinkable package for high wattage application. High values can be obtained and High Voltagecan be applied to thick film products with little change in resistance value. 

Thick film Power resistor
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple SEE MeV· CM²/mg TID krad ( Si ) SDCRDC DSCDRC
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