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Space DC DC Converters

Space DC DC Converters    The Space DC DC converters are mainly used in electronic equipments such as satellites, spacecraft and space systems with aerospace DC-DC converters. The current input voltage of the space DC to DC converters is 28V series and 100V series, the output power of the space DC to DC converters is from 5w to 65W. The Space DC to DC converters adopt thick film hybrid integrated technology. The main active components in the series are reinforced devices, and the feedback control of output voltage is realized through magnetic feedback isolation technology. The total dose level can reach 100 krad (Si), the single particle effect can reach 75MeVocm2 / mg, the quality register is K-grade.
The Space DC DC converters are made by thick film hybrid integrated circuit technology. The production line is the most productive production line with all kinds of control specifications, the process specifications are complete and complete. The main working procedure adopts SPC control method. To ensure the product meets the requirements of the above registration and space users, the testing means is abundant and the testing equipment is complete.
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