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Thin film photoelectric substrate
  • Overview
Thin film photoelectric substrate is mainly used in the field of optical communication. The substrate material is mostly aluminum nitride substrate with high thermal conductivity (over 170). The thickness of the substrate is between 0.127-2mm. The multi-layer metal structure is commonly used as TiPtAu membrane system.
  • Main indicators

The fine line


Line precision

≤ ±5μm

Hole resistance

≤50 mΩ


≤ ±50μm

Special cutting accuracy

≤ ±50μm

Note: product quality meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-38534

2  Pin-fet optical fiber detector
2.1 Overview
Pin-fet optical fiber detector is a kind of optoelectronic device which encapsulates photoelectric detector chip and low-noise amplifier circuit in the same shell. Light signal is irradiated to the photosensitive surface of the detector. Photoelectric diode produces photocurrent input to low-noise amplifier circuit. The low-noise amplifier circuit converts weak current signal into voltage signal and then amplifies output.

2. 2 Product features
High reliability, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range

2.3 Scope of application
optical fiber transmission system, optical fiber gyro, creation placed big, fiber optic sensor

2.4 Circuit model
The circuit model is as follows:

2.5 Different package sizes and photos


Type A packaging

TypeB packaging

TypeC packaging

TypeD packaging


Metal 14 feet

Metal8 feet

Ceramic 8 feet


20.8 mm x12.7 mm x4.67 mm

13.5 mm x12.7 mm x4.67 mm

12.7mm x7.9mmx5.3mm


The leg defines the contrast

WTD, 44 institute, worldcom, podan photoelectric

Tong wei tong, pu Dan photoelectricity

Metal 8 pin

Same as WTD

The commonly used cross resistance is 40K, 200K and 400K. Products with different cross resistance, bandwidth, output voltage and tail fiber requirements can be designed according to users' requirements.

2.6 Performance indicators (package A, B, C, D series)
Maximum rating

ParametersSymbolMaximum rating Unit

positive-supplyVcc      +5.5         V

Negative supplyVee      -5.5          V

Operating temperatureTamb     -55~+85     ℃

Storage temperatureTstg      -55~+85    ℃

Recommended working conditions

Parameters  Symbol  Maximum rating Unit

positive-supplyVcc        +5      V

Negative supplyVee        -5      V

Photoelectric properties
Thin Film photoelectric products
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple SEE MeV· CM²/mg TID krad ( Si ) SDCRDC DSCDRC
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