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Thin film precision resistance and network

1.1.Product description
Precision thin film resistance (resistance network) is a chip thin film resistance (resistance network) with high resistance value tracking accuracy and small volume. It has the advantages of high resistance value precision, low resistance temperature coefficient, low noise and good long-term stability. It is suitable for the fields of aerospace, aviation and implantation of human medical devices. The precision can be up to 0.01%, the temperature tracking coefficient up to 0.02%, and arbitrary resistance values can be customized according to customer requirements, and the packaging can be in the form of chip table sticker, ceramic package, package package, etc.

2.Technical specification of resistance and resistance network

precision resistance

Resistance materials

Nickel chrome

Temperature coefficient TCR(ppm/℃):±25--±5

Tantalum nitride

Temperature coefficient TCR(ppm/℃):-100---50

Substrate materials

glass ceramics/silicon slice/aluminum oxide/aluminum nitride


±0.1% --  ±0.02%

Passivation layer structure




Resistance range



25 mW–100 mW

Operating temperature range


Precision resistance network


±0.1% --  ±0.02%

Relative accuracy


Temperature tracking coefficient accuracy



Design according to the detailed drawing

Packaging form

We can use the chip table sticker, ceramic package and packaging as the customers demand.

Temperature coefficient


Operating temperature range


Antistatic capacity


Thin film precision resistance and network
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V)