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Thin fim Coaxial attenuator

  • 1. Overview
The main indicators of this series of coaxial fixed attenuator refer to the bw-s1w2 + series of MINI company. With frequency DC ~ 18GHz and maximum input power of 2W, it has the following characteristics: wide working frequency band, low standing wave ratio, flat attenuation, strong impulse resistance and burning resistance.
Schematic circuit diagram

  • The key technical indexes
Table 5 The key technical indexes(A case study of 1dB)

Table 6 Typical parameter

After testing and comparison, the attenuation accuracy index of this series of attenuators is similar to that of MINI company's products, and standing-wave ratio is better than MINI company's products.

Bm-w2c1, bm-w2c2, bm-w2c3, bm-w2c4, bm-w2c5, bm-w2c6, bm-w2c7, bm-w2c8, bm-w2c9 and bm-w2c10 are respectively named according to the power and attenuation.
Thin fim Coaxial attenuator
Model Series Max. Output Power (W) Input DC Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple SEE MeV· CM²/mg TID krad ( Si ) SDCRDC DSCDRC
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