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Analysis and Research on Golden Film Layer with Red Spot in the Surface of LTCC Substrate

This paper mainly studies the problem of golden film with red spot in the surface of LTCC substrate. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)and X-Ray photo electron spectroscopy( XPS) were used as the analytical methods. The micro structure and composition of the red spotted area on LTCC golden film layer are analyzed by scanning electron microscopy. It is found that the red spotted area contains a small amount of Ag element. Meanwhile, the state of binding energy of the outer electrons of the atomic atoms in the red spots on the surface of the LTCC substrate is observed and analyzed. Besides, it is found that the red spotted area contains a trace amount of sulfur in addition to small amount of silver. Through further research, the chemical bonding state of silver and sulfur was analyzed, and the composition of the red spotted area on the surface of the gold film of the LTCC substrate was determined to be a mixture of silver sulfide and silver oxide, which explain the formation mechanism of the red spot and propose corresponding prevention and improvement measures. Finally, a series of reliability tests and demonstrations were carried out on the substrate with red spot and fading treatment. The results show that both layers are qualified, which proves the effectiveness and feasibility of the speckle removal measures.

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