ECRI Microelectronics

Design of closed-loop Detection Control System for MEMS Gyroscope

Abstract : The open-loop detection system of MEMS gyroscope has obvious disadvantages in anti-interference and bandwidth,which cannot meet the requirement of high accuracy.A sensitive mode closed-loop control system based on the force feedback balance of silicon micro gyroscope is designed on the basis of the presentation of the silicon micro-mechanical vibrating gyroscope's working principle and the analysis of its dynamic characteristics in this paper. Sensitive signal is modulated by the driving signal as the feedback signal to balance the Coriolis force after amplification, filtering and integration .Simulink is used to simulate the closed-loop system.The  results show that the AC feedback force effectively compensates the Coriolis force and extends the bandwidth to realize effective signal extraction and  force feedback control.
Key words: MEMS, gyroscope ,closed-loop control,force feedback.
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