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Development of Micro Power Sources with High Efficiency

Development of Micro Power Sources with  High Efficiency

Abstract : A monolithic DC-DC converter with power integration is archieved using two-loop control  structure of current mode and voltage mode, combined with key technologies such as peak current sampling etc.Key technologies such  as peak current sampling and slope compensation etc greatly improve stability of  the system and ability  of system to fast respond to transient. Micromodule measuring 19mm*19mm*5.5mm is made combined with pattern optimizing layout such as DC DC anti-EMI, and based on integrated packaging case of AIN. The range of input voltage is from 5.5V to 7V.Output current is great than 5A. The maximum  operating efficiency  is greater than 92.50%.

Key Words :  current mode ,peak current sampling, AIN integrated packaging case ,micro power module.
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