ECRI Microelectronics


How do I stay informed about new product releases?
ECRIM has a dedicated space on our website highlighting all press releases, which details new product announcements and company news.
Can I buy ECRIM s products directly from ECRIM?
Many customers prefer to buy directly with ECRIM. ECRIM's automated and flexible factory achieves lead times is typical in the industry allowing many customers to ECRIM's Order Acquisition group at by phone: +86 551 63667943 or e-mail: 
What are the current lead-times on your products?
ECRIM maintains consistent lead times of stock for 15 weeks. 
Please contact ECRIM for the updated availability of items from stock.
What are the terms and conditions of sale for your products?
ECRIM's Terms and Conditions
How do I handle returns for ECRIM product?
If you wish to return the product due to a technical failure, please contact our technical support group. 
If you wish to return product for reasons other than technical performance issues, please contact our customer support group at ECRIM by phone: +86 551 63667943 or e-mail: 
Where do I request products if I do not see them on your website?
All of ECRIM's standard product data sheets can be found on our website. You can access them through the  "Products" links at on the Home page of the ECRIM  Web Site. However, if you have requirements for a custom or modified standard product or wish to inquire about possible future product releases, please contact an ECRI Mr sales Tel: +86 551 63667943 person directly.
Do you make custom power supply products?
ECRIM offers a broad line of standard DC-DC converters to cover a wide range of power requirements and applications. However, customers often have special requirements that are not covered with a standard product. This may include a specific package size, input/output voltage, power level or a special feature. ECRIM will consider all requests for modified and custom power supplies. In addition, ECRIM will consider providing system level products as well. To discuss your individual requirements, contact the ECRIM sales group Tel +86 551 63667943.