Mil Grade Pulse Width Modulation Amplifiers

Mil Grade Pulse Width Modulation amplifiers (hereinafter referred to as PWM amplifiers) is the executive components in  a DC servo system of motor drive circuit, its function is to accept feedback system of dc error signal, and convert them to  width modulated square wave signal, drive dc motor work, to realize the speed and position closed-loop control of the system.

High power pulse width modulation (PWM amplifiers) amplifiers  have wide large output current (30A), high output voltage (500 v), large output power, small volume, light weight, high efficiency (97%), high reliability, convenient control( temperature control, current control); The quality grade is H class, which can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, warships and electronics devices.

After many years of research and development, ECRIM now has many vaviety of pulse width modulation PWM amplifiers such as HSA01, HSA03, HSA04, HSA06, HSA08, HSA12 HSA50, HSA51 type motor drive circuit, HMSK4310, HMSK4361, HMSK4370  brushless motor driver circuit,HPA1000, MPWM120 - / MPWM100 30-50 / MPWM60-20 of motor drivers.  the Pulse Width Modulation amplifiers (PWM amplifiers) has been widely used in military servo platform, inertial navigation, and other systems.

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