Digital to Synchro Converters or Digital to Resolver Converters(DSC/DRC)


The digital-axis angle converter is usually used as the digital output interface of the central computer. In the system, the digital angle signal is mainly converted into an analog angle signal, and the servo motor is driven by a power driver (less than 5V.A) to achieve the angle. Control of parameter parameters such as displacement, position, etc. At present, there are many digital-rotary transformer converters that convert and output four-wire analog signals and digital-self-aligning machine converters that convert and output three-wire analog signals. The basic working principle diagram is shown in the figure.

For the three-wire analog signal, there is also a Scott transform circuit inside the converter to realize the conversion of the four-wire system and the three-wire system. The figure shows that the digital input angle (θ) can input different digits according to the requirements of the conversion accuracy. For example, 10 digits, 12 digits, 14 digits, the maximum number can be 16 digits.

2. Application of Mil grade Digital to Synchro Converters or Digital to Resolver Converters(DSC/DRC):

· Military servo control system

· Antenna System

· Radar measurement system

· Navigation system

· Gun control system

· Machine control

The digital to synchro converters have unmatched reliability and high enough accuracy. The digital to resolver converters have an irreplaceable position in many applications, especially in military and aerospace, aviation, and navigation. The synchro to digital converters and resolver to digital converters are mostly  used for ship attitude control system, fire control system, radar angle, azimuth measurement and control system, rocket gyro control system, fighter attitude, fire control system, tank body and gun position control system, satellite Forwarding control system of the repeater, etc. In the civil field, it can be used in CNC machine tools, wind power systems and oil rigs.

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