Digital to Synchro converters or Digital to Resolver Converters(DSC/DRC)

ECRIM has two types of the Converters ,one is the Synchro To Digital converters and Resolver To Digital Converters(SDC/RDC) the other one is Digital to Synchro converters or Digital to Resolver  Converters(DSC/DRC). Resolver to Digital Converters (also called rotary transformer) is the core device of servo system and is widely used in systems such as radar, navigation and gun servo control. The conversion between analog signal and digital signal enables the system to implement quantitative processing and control of angels.

Resolver to Digital Converters  are classified as follows, according to the packaging process:

1. Monolithic integrated products are packed in ceramic dual in-line package (DIP) or ceramic flat leadless package (LCC). They are characterized with design-able bandwidth, programmable tracking rate and sub-office rate. The products are also known for their high reliability, good air tightness, good thermal conductivity and low power consumption. The monolithic integrated products are user-friendly.

2. H-type (hybrid integration) shaft angle converter products adopt a hybrid integrated MCM-C processing, all-chip assembly and dual in-line metal hermetic packaging. With small size, light weight, wide operating temperature range.

3. M-type products adopt MCM-L processing, SMD components assembly and dual in-line rubber potting in silicone shell.

Digital to Synchro Converters or Digital to Resolver Converters module(DRC/SRC)
Model Resolution Power supply voltage Accuracy Download
MDSC544-412 14bit ±4V ±5.3 arc min DSC544-412.pdf
MDRC38 Digital to S 12,14 or 16 bits +5V,±15V ±8.5 arc min (12bits) ,±5.3 arc min (14bits),±2.93 arc min (16bits) MDSCMDRC38.pdf
Digital to Synchro c 12, 14 or 16 bits ±15V ±8 arc min(12 bits), ±4 arc min(14 bits), ±4 arc min(16 bits) MDSC MDRC28.pdf
Digital to Synchro c 12,14 or 16 bits ±15V ±8 arc min(12 bits),±6 arc min(14 bits),±6 arc min(16 bits) MDSC MDRC29.pdf
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