High Voltage Series

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    High Voltage Series
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High Voltage Series

1. Features(see Fig. 1 for outside view, and Table 1 for models) of High Voltage Series

With single-output and dual-output varieties

Output power: 25W 
Small size and high reliability
High level inhibit

2. Scope of application of High Voltage Series

High-reliability electronic system for aviation and aerospace, etc.

3. Description of High Voltage Series

The high voltage series high-reliability DC/DC converter has two outputs, i.e. single output and dual output. The input voltage of single-output variety is generally 24~32V, the max. output power is 10W and the output voltage can reach 900V. The input voltage of dual-output variety is 18V, the max. output power is 25W and the output voltage is 1500V and 4500V, respectively.
The case of high voltage series is of totally sealed metal structure with fixed end or without fixed end. This serial products adopt PWM control technology in the design with high frequency power switch for conversion, transformer coupling for transmission and the corresponding output voltage obtained after rectification and filtration. The manufacture process adopts thick-film hybrid integration technology and bare chip assembly technology with mature process and high reliability. Has the advantages of light weight, small volume etc., and is the key electronic component of system.
Both the design and manufacture of high voltage series products satisfy the requirements of GJB2438A-2002 “General specifications for hybrid integration circuit”.

4. Electrical performance (Table 2~4) of High Voltage Series

Table 2  Rated conditions and recommended operating conditions

Absolute max. rated value

Input voltage: 36, 20V  (MTH18D4500)

Leadsoldering temperature: 300℃/(10s)

Storage temperature range: -55~125℃

Recommended operating conditions

Range of input DC voltage: 24~32V, 17~19V (MTH18D4500)

Output power: 10W, 25W (MTH18D4500)

Ambient temperature (TA):-55~+85℃

Case temperature (Tc):-55~+105℃ (HSW28S70, HHW28S200)


Application notes:

  • Upon power-on, be sure to correctly connect the positive and negative pole of the power supply to ensure correct power supply for fear of burnout.
  • When carrying out the electrical performance test, the test position shall be the pinouts of the product.
  • Upon assembly, the bottom of the product shall fit to the circuit board closely so as to avoid damage of pins, and shockproof provision shall be added, if necessary.
  • Do not bend the pinouts to prevent the insulator from breaking, which affects the sealing property.
  • When the case temperature is 105℃, it is suggested that the thickness of heat sinking plate (copper) shall be 3mm, and the area shall be greater than 80mm×70mm.
  • When using over 500V products, it is recommended to carry out treatment of high-voltage pinouts.
  • When the user places an order for the product, detailed electric performance indexes shall refer to the relevant enterprise standard.

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