HMSK4370 large current pulse width modulation amplifiers

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1. Features

Replacement with MSK4370 of MSK Company

Continuous output current: 10A
Motor power voltage: 500V
Torque control of four-quadrant
60/120 phase selection
Inhibition function

2. Applications of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Three-phase brushless motor drive control
Driven reaction load
Servo control

3. Description of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

HMSK4370 is a exclusive module for brushless DC motor, module inside has  the integrated three-phase MOSFET bridge, the MOSFET bridge can provide the maximum 500V power supply voltage , the maximum output current is 10A. The module is consisted of HALL sensor interface circuit, PWM, power amplifier, current detection and current feedback interface and so on.
This series of products are made of thick film hybrid integrated process, metal sealed package. Product design and manufacturing meet the requirements of MIL-STD and detailed specifications, the quality level is H-class.

4. Technical Specifications of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Table 2 Electrical Characteristic(Complete according to the standard)
No. Characteristic ( Unless other condition,Vcc=15V±5% HMSK4370 Unit
-55℃≤Tc≤125℃) A group min max
1 +15V  power current/ICC Speed control GND,empty load,Efficient HALL signal,frequency:40Hz,VH≥3V,VL≤0.8V 1 - 150 mA
-15V power current /IEE 1 - 60
2 Clock frequency/fcp Efficient HALL signal,frequency:40Hz,VH≥3V,VL≤0.8V 4\5\6 14 20 KHZ
3 Reference voltage/VREF RREF=430Ω 1\2\3 5.82 6.57 V
4 Control voltage transconductance/gm Efficient HALL signal,frequency:40Hz,efficient current control setup 4 0.75 1.25 A/V
5 Bias current/IOO Efficient HALL signal,frequency:40Hz,VH≥3V,VL≤0.8V 1 -100 100 MA
6 Current monitoring slope/K Efficient HALL signal,frequency:40Hz, efficient current control setup 4 0.75 1.25 V/A
7 Static current-limiting value /ILIMIT Connect 1.92KΩ between current-limiting regulation and GND 1 3.5 6.5 A

5. Pin Designations of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Package leading-out terminal is shown in Figure 2, it’s a platform view.

Figure 2 Platform
Table 3 Pin Designations

Pin Symbol Designation Pin Symbol Designation
1 VREF Reference voltage output 23 GND Ground
2 INHALL A A phase HALL signal 24 NC NULL
3 INHALL B B phase HALL signal 25 NC NULL
4 INHALL C C phase HALL signal 26 GNDL Detection ground
5 CON60/60/120 Phase control 27 GNDP Power ground
6 CONBRAKE Motor braking control 28 GNDP Power ground
7 SYNC Clock synchronization 29 GNDPC C phase power ground
8 CONDIS Enable control 30 GNDPC C phase power ground
9 GND Ground 31 OUTC C phase output
10 NC NULL 32 OUTC C phase output
11 NC NULL 33 VSC C phase power Drive supply
12 OUTE/A Error amplifier output 34 GNDPB B phase power ground
13 INE/A- Reverse input of error amplifier 35 GNDPB B phase power ground
14 GND Ground 36 OUTB B phase output
15 CON+ Control positive 37 OUTB B phase output
16 CON- Control negative 38 VSB B phase power Drive supply
17 VCC +15V supply 39 GNDPA A phase power ground
18 TESTI Current Detection 40 GNDPA A phase power ground
19 VEE -15V supply 41 OUTA A phase output
20 NC NULL 42 OUTA A phase output
21 NC NULL 43 VSA A phase power Drive supply

6. Circuit block diagram of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Figure 3  Single-circuit block diagram

7. Typical Connection Diagram of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Fig 4  HMSK4370 connection diagram

Note1: C1=C2≥220μf/500V(choose according to need),C5≥10μf/450V,C6=C7≥10μf/50V,C8=C9=0.1μf±5%/50V;
Note 2: C1=0.01μf±5%/50V,C2= 1μf±5%/50V,C3=0.1μf±5%/50V, R1=1.92KΩ±5%,R2=10 KΩ±5%,R3=1 KΩ±5%;
Note 3: VCC=15V±5%,Vee=-15V±5%,VS=28V±5%
Note 4: 7V≥VCON≥2V
Note 5: HALLA、HALLB and HALLC phase shift 120°,TTL square wave.

8. Package Specifications of HMSK4370 Brushless Motor Driver

Outline of package is shown in Figure 5:

Table 4 Package outline
Symbols Data /mm
Minimum Typical Minimum
A - - 10.03
Φb1 0.45 - 0.6
Φb2 0.9 - 1.1
D - - 78.99
X1 - 72.39 -
e2 - 2.54 -
e3 - 3.81 -
E - - 40.89
Y1 - 47.24 -
Y - - 53.59
e1 - 53.34 -
Z - - 7.9
L 3.05 - -
Application Notes please refer to the appendix, must read it carefully
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