Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic & LTCC Passive Components

ECRIM has an advanced LTCC production line, using low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology to provide customers with high-performance LTCC components, substrates, integrated package components to meet the needs of different customers. We can provide SIP packages for high-performance and high-density microwave devices. Our products are widely used in communication, microwave, automotive, radar and other electronic systems, as well as bluetooth, antenna modules, power amplifiers, filter components, duplexer switches and other applications.

Application of LTCC Substrate

Electronic equipment systems such as aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, and electronic systems.

LTCC process technical indicators:
  • Line width/pitch: 75μm
  • Line precision: ≤±10μm
  • Warpage: <3mil/in
  • Embedded components: Resistance, capacitance, inductance
  • Top layers: 40 layers
  • Substrate size: 125mm×125mm
  • Inspection standard: GJB2438A, GJB548A

Design specification



(A)Through hole diameter

0.15, 0.20,0.25,0.30

0.10 (min)

(B)Through hole cover disk diameter

>=Through hole + 0.05

Via + 0.03

(C) Through hole pitch

>=2.5 times through hole diameter

0.20 (for0.10 Through hole)

(D) Distancefrom through hole to line edge



(E) Line width

>= 0.15

>= 0.075

(F)  Line pitch

>= 0.10

>= 0.08

(G)Line center distance

>= 0.25

>= 0.16

(H) Distancefrom hole center to substrate edge

>= 0.30

>= 0.25

(I) Distance from line to substrate edge

>= 0.20

>= 0.15

(J)Distanceof inner layer tunnel substrate edge

>= 0.15

>= 0.10

(K)Distanceof through hole to ground


>= 0.15

Substrate thickness

0.5 to2.0

0.4 to4.0

Substrate layers




Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic & LTCC Passive Components
Model Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Download
Hybrid circuit LTCC Metal/integrated hermetic package structure Embedded passive components Temperature (TC): -55℃~+125℃
Microwave/millimeter Work frequency: 1.0~40GHz Low insertion loss (≤0.2dB/cm) Customizable into multi-cavity structure
LTCC 3D SIP package Three-dimensional vertical interconnection Temperature (TC):-55℃~+125℃ 4 layers 2D-MCM laminates
LTCC RFID antenna 5.8GHz ~433MHz Frequency range 1206,1210 Ccustomizable Passive Components
LTCC Chip antenna 2.45GHz Frequency range 0805,1206,1210 Customizable Passive Components
LTCC Duplexer 20M-800M Low-pass end 900M-3G High-pass end Passive Components
LTCC Highpassfilter 80MHz-5GHz Frequency range 1206,1210,0805,Customizable Passive Components
LTCC Low pass filter 50MHz-10GHz Frequency range 1206,1210,0805,Customizable Passive Components
LTCC Bandpass filter 500MHz-10GHz Frequency range 1206,1210,0805,Customizable Passive Components
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