Avionics & Military DC DC Converters

The avionics & military DC DC Converters we have developed for many years including Military DC DC Converters, Transient Protection DC DC Converters, Point of Load DC DC Converters (POL).The avionics & military DC DC Converters have been serialized, standardized and market-oriented.The avionics & military DC DC Converters adopt thick film hybrid integration technology(also called Thick film DC DC Converters) and the technology reaches the international advanced level.

The avionics & military DC DC Converters featured with wide input voltage range and high conversion efficiency.The highest conversion rate can reach 88% and the lowest  output voltage is 1.2V. The high voltage varieties with the highest output voltage of 4500V; the maximum output power ofavionics & military DC DC Converters can reach  hundreds watts, with single, double , three ways and multi-ways output varieties.

The avionics&military DC DC Converters adopt PWM push-pull and single ended excitation magnetic feedback technology, the working frequency is as high as 500KHz, the input and output are separated by photoelectric mode . The structure of the avionics&military DC DC Converters is dule in line and flat type metal sealed cases, with the smallest size of 21.2*14.7*8mm3. The avionics&military DC DC Converters has the advantages of wide operating temperature range, small size, light weight and high reliability.

Military Grade DC-DC Converters
Model Max. Output Power (W) Output Voltage (V) Single/Double/Triple Download
HSA28 5W 5V,12V,15V Single Series HSA28.pdf
HVSA28 5W 5V,12V,28V Single HVSA28Series converter.pdf
HHF28 15W 5V,12V,15V Single Series HHF28.pdf
HVHF28 15W 5V, 8V, 12V, 15V Single HVHF28Series converter.pdf
HHD28 20W 5V,12V,15V Double Series HHD28.pdf
HTR28 30W 5V,12V,15V Single Series HTR28.pdf
HVTR28 30W 15V Single HVTR28Series converter.pdf
HFL28 65W 5V,12V,15V,28V Single Series HFL28.pdf
HOL28D 150W 15.5V~41V Double HOL28D Series.pdf
HOL28S 120W 15.5V~41V Single HOL28S Series.pdf
HOL100S 150W 67V~112V Single HOL100S Series.pdf
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