The call for papers

The call for papers

To all relevant affiliations:

The national academic annual conference of hybrid integrated circuits is an open academic exchange platform. It is aim at communicating academic point of views, sharing research achievements, creating intellectual atmosphere, expanding new ideas further, pushing technological innovation and advancement, promoting industry-study-research cooperation and communication as well as supporting sustained and healthy development of hybrid integrated circuits.

The 20th national academic annual conference of hybrid integrated circuits and the international symposium on SIP (system-level package) plan to open in Hefei on July 21st-22nd, 2018. At that time, the domestic professional manufacturers will gather together, exchange technology, communicate information and discuss professional development and technical progress. Meanwhile, with the international top IMAPS (International Microelectronics and Packaging Society), the international symposium on SIP firstly convenes in China (one-day session). To liven up the ECRIM’s academic atmosphere, raise ECRIM’s profile, promote the progress of the scientific research and production, enhance the study and communication from each other, and finish the summary and reflection of the scientific research and production, now we invite technicians and academic insiders to contribute actively to this year’s annual meeting. The contents of the papers are:

1. The technology of SIP system-level package

2. The design, production process and applied technology of thick-film hybrid integrated circuits

3. The design, production process and applied technology of thin-film hybrid integrated circuits

4. The packaging technology used in hybrid integrated circuits

5. The base materials and production equipments used in hybrid integrated circuits

6. The materials, multi-layer substrates, 3-D technology, application and development of LTCC

7. The design, manufacture and application of MCM

8. The technology of high density package and MEMS

9. The technology of testing hybrid integrated circuits’ reliability and quality

10. The requirement from electronic productions (communications, digital televisions, automotive electronics, military projects) to hybrid integrated circuits

11. The domestic and foreign current situation and development trend of hybrid integrated circuits

12. The articles containing frontier of professional development and papers with high standard academic research

Please submit the title and abstract of your paper within April 2018 and email your paper to the chief engineer’s office before 30th June.

Welcome your eagerly contribution!


March 2nd, 2018

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