High accuracy and reliable thin film products

ECRIM has thin film hybrid integrated circuit through the national army standard production line. It also has the world's advanced magnetron sputtering film forming equipment, high precision laser resistance machine, lithography machine, plasma etching machine, gold wire ball welding machine and so on. Based on thin film process, it designs and develops thin film process products and hybrid integrated signal processing circuits. Over the past 40 years, ECRIM has developed a large number of high-precision and high-quality thin film technology and circuit products for supporting national key engineering projects. Main products are various thin film resistance network, microwave substrate, precision signal processing circuit, high density hybrid integrated circuit and so on.

Thin film process product
  • Precision thin film resistance: accuracy: ±0.1%~±0.02%
  • Temperature coefficient: ≤±25 ppm/℃
  • Thin film ceramic metallization and microwave substrate:
  • Base material: aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, quartz etc
  • Precision: line accuracy ±2.5μm, minimum line width and spacing 20μm
  • Frequency range: DC~110G
Thin film attenuator: High frequency to 26GHz, low standing wave, high attenuation accuracy
Hybrid integrated signal circuit

Sensor servo circuit: preamplifier, temperature converter, charge amplifier, MEMS accelerometer and MEMS gyroscope.

  • Isolation type circuit: signal isolation or power supply isolation, isolation amplifier
  • Precision reference source: small voltage, current reference, the I/F
  • Photoelectric circuit: hybrid integrated optical fiber photoelectric conversion, transmission module
  • Microwave circuit: P/L/C/S/X-band channels, medium and low power amplifier
  • Custom circuit: all kinds of high-precision signal conversion, drive circuit, a dedicated circuit miniaturization
The product quality meets the quality grade and reliability assessment requirements specified in GJB2438A-2002, and the highest quality grade reaches the aerospace grade (K grade).
Thin Film
Model Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Download
Power heat sink Material: AlN/BeO Accuracy: line width/line spacing accuracy ±5um Metalization: Ti, Cu, Ni, Pt, Au, prefabricated AuSn film, etc
Chip components Precision : ±0.1% -- ±0.02% Passivation layer structure : SiO2+Si3N4、SiO2 Resistance range : 10Ω—1MΩ
Highly reliable subs Material: Al2O3/AlN. Accuracy: line width/line spacing accuracy ±5um Metalization: Ti, Ni, Pt, Au, thin film resistors, prefabricated AuSn films, etc
Coaxial attenuator Frequency :DC -18000 Attenuation: 0.7-1.3 Max standing wave ratio :1.3
Thin film attenuator Applicable frequency : DC~ 18GHz Power : 1W Standing wave : ≤ 1.2
Microwave substrate Material: Al2O3. Accuracy: line width/line spacing accuracy ±2.5um. Metalization: Ti, Ni, Pt, Au, TaN resistors, prefabricated AuSn films, etc.
Thin film Substrate Metalization: Ti, Ni, Pt, Au, TaN resistance, prefabricated AuSn film, etc Accuracy: line width/line spacing accuracy ±2.5um. Material: AlN/Al2O3/multilayer AlN-HTCC/quartz
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