X28H24M600NNB DC-DC Power module


X28H24M600NNB is a standard 1/2 single channel isolated voltage stabilizer output module, rated output voltage is 24V, output current is 25A. Peak efficiency up to 95%, operating temperature range: -55~+100. 

The use of the leading prebiased real information synchronous rectification technology improves the power efficiency and reliabilityof synchronous rectification.

The application of active and active absorption technology reduces the voltage stress of power vehicle MOS tube and improves the reliability of power vehicle MOS tube. 

The response speed and stability of the loop are improved by using the feedback loop.

Using the master-slave module democratic equalizing method, the power module can share the current signal to complete the automatic equalizing parallel application, which can be applied to the redundant backup system with high reliability. 

Using multi-layer thick inquiry PCB and plane transformer technology to improve the power density of power supply.

The aluminum case washing seal technology improves the power supply’s resistance to vibration and impact, salt fog and high temperature.

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